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C-Logistics – Moving Supplies Efficiently from Point A to Point B

Maximizing the efficiency of marine transportation and addressing the critical issues of fuel, staging, manpower, space, loading, scheduling and logistics is a challenge as old as celestial navigation.

Enter C-Logistics – ECO's answer to the complex logistical challenges of material movement. One call to C-Logistics puts a fully integrated logistics package into motion, combining proprietary software, robust information technology, innovative tracking systems and a team of experienced professionals. This logistics package, combined with an all-encompassing Vessel Sharing Agreement, allows C-Logistics to move supplies with a level of efficiency unmatched in the industry.

The process starts with a clear and complete understanding of each project's mission requirements. C-Logistics then factors in the necessary data and a customized supply management plan is created utilizing distribution networks and service footprints that are flexible, expandable and cost-effective.

Integrated Logistics

C-Logistics provides integrated supply management services for drilling, production and construction projects in deepwater and shelf locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Whether it's a scheduled run, delivery of time-sensitive cargo or a project requiring specialized vessels, C-Logistics can design a supply management plan to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

After inputting key project performance indicators into proprietary modeling software, C-Logistics specialists are able to select the most cost-effective vessel for the job, allocate deck space, and schedule and monitor terminal delivery, as well as staging and loading. Integral to the C-Logistics performance package is the ability to strategically identify optimum transportation routes and arrange dockside support services.

Vessel Sharing

C-Logistics' Vessel Sharing Agreement increases opportunities for the optimization of marine assets. This agreement establishes equal guidelines for all participants, defining liabilities and operational guidelines, and providing a vessel-cost-allocation formula for shared and sole account marine voyages. The agreement obligates only those marine assets designated by the customer, and allows multiple customers to partner common assets in a unique pay-as-you-go system, regardless of project scope. As a result, ECO customers maintain a level of control and efficiency never before realized in the realm of maritime material movement.

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Click here to download the Vessel Sharing Apportionment Model and Cost Allocation examples in PDF format. NOTE: This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. The program is available for free at www.adobe.com.

Support Services

C-Logistics provides strategic support services for drilling, production and construction projects in both deepwater and shelf locations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Conducting ongoing analysis of route planning and material movement, the C-Logistics support team ensures that supplies are delivered on schedule. C-Logistics consolidates all aspects of in-port service, creating a single-source operation center to expedite vessel and material movement. The operation center also generates electronic vessel logs via satellite, allowing clients to view actual vessel activity and current loading-unloading configurations.

Supply Routes

Upon demand, a chain of expertly coordinated events is set into motion: material orders are generated, supply routes are identified, vessels are designated, deck and below-deck space is allotted, staging areas are assigned, and load and voyage plans are prepared. At C-Logistics, offshore supply is accomplished quickly, safely, reliably and cost effectively.

Terminal Operations

C-Logistics' terminal services create a one-stop supply chain linked to all ports in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. C-Logistics' operations center at Port Fourchon represents the pinnacle of integrated logistics serving ECO's expansive C-Port terminal complex. Accommodating the largest of deepwater offshore vessels, C-Port operates 18 specialized slips under cover and well lit, with highly trained teams working around the clock to ensure cargo is transferred safely and efficiently.

Fuel, Water and Lubricants

To further reduce port turnaround time, C-Logistics has the ability to expedite essential materials to as many as nine vessels simultaneously. Operating day and night, services include loading and offloading fuel, water, cements, barites, liquid mud and completion fluids.

Vessel and Material Tracking

The seasoned cargo expediters and load planners at C-Logistics make it a point to keep in constant communication with material suppliers, truck lines, platform superintendents, vessel operators and others in the supply chain to ensure delivery on time, every time. C-Logistics' online material movement application electronically ties oil companies, vendors and common carriers together, drastically reducing e-mails and paper forms while providing a single unique tracking number any party can use to trace their orders and movements.

All vessel and material movement is monitored in real-time around-the-clock from the C-Logistics control center. Cargo is tracked using an innovative radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking system. Meticulous records are kept, and constant communication is maintained between the control center and points of material origin and destination. Project status is available to customers online with a simple click of the mouse. C-Logistics' RFID tracking system is available to all service providers and vendors in the oil and gas industry.

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Tank Cleaning

C-Logistics utilizes a tank management plan with Clean Tank, a DEQ-permitted mobile tank cleaning service that operates around the clock. Clean Tank utilizes an on-site waste water treatment plant for tank cleaning and fluid recovery.

Staging and Storage

C-Logistics also administers in-port staging and storage operations, which provides invaluable flexibility in supply management and planning.

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