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Chouest Employee Benefits

Benefits Administrators by Company

  • American Recovery – Jennifer Price: (985) 601-5057 and Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Caltex Oil Tools – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • C-Innovation – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Clean Tank – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • C-Logistics – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • C-Port and C-Port 2 – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • C-Terminal – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Fourchon Heavy Lift – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • GMS Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Gulf Ship – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • International Marine Systems – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • LaShip – Lauren Cancienne: (985) 601-4890 and David Chemin: (985) 601-4169
  • Marine Technologies – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Martin Holdings – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • North American Shipbuilding – Daisy Vizier: (985) 601-4113 and Consuelo Barrios: (985) 601-4913
  • Sealand Mechanical – Maggie Plaisance: (985) 601-5196
  • Tampa Ship – Mary Guajardo: (813) 248-9310, ext. 53413 and Maria Perez: (813) 248-7202

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For all your HR-related needs or questions, please e-mail .

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ECO Benefit ProvidersBenefits

Below is a description of and links to the websites of some of the benefits available to our employees. Utilizing user names, passwords, and/or other individual specific information, you can log into these websites and access your 401(k) account, find a PPO provider, check on the status of a dental or disability claim, or research prescription drugs. If you have any questions about using the site, contact your location's benefits administrator.

MetLife is the provider of basic life-insurance coverage, short-term and long-term disability, and voluntary life-insurance benefits. In addition to the benefits provided under your MetLife group insurance coverage, click here to access an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for you and your household members. Discounts and guidance are also available through MetLife. Click here for grief counseling. Click here for funeral discount and planning services. Click here to start saving today with special auto discounts and features. Use the links below to view additional voluntary benefits from MetLife:

BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana (BCBS) is the Chouest group health plan's network and third party administrator. BlueCross is the nation's largest health insurance carrier, with an extensive network of doctors, hospitals and facilities offering significant discounts to its members. Easily access your health insurance ID card, coverage information and more on BlueCross BlueShield's mobile app or the BCBS website.

Start saving today with available discounts under the BCBS health plan with Blue 365

Delta Dental is available to employees at all locations. You may use the Delta Dental website to view the dental benefits available under the plan, track the status of a dental claim, or find a dentist in your area. Click here to view the Delta Dental explanation of coverage. Click here to print your Delta Dental insurance card.

VSP is the new provider of vision benefits. Visit the VSP website or call (800) 877-7195 to check eligibility, search the list of participating providers, submit claims and view pending claims. Click here to view the vision plan. Click here for instructions on printing your VSP insurance card.

Express Scripts is the provider for prescriptions to all employees and affiliates. You may use the Express Scripts website to check your prescription benefits, prescription claims history, prescription savings opportunities, locate pharmacies and reorder prescriptions.

OneAmerica is the record-keeper for the retirement plans available through your employer. Use OneAmerica's website to check your account balance, research the plan's investments, transfer existing funds, change future investment elections, model loans and download quarterly statements and forms. A retirement calculator is also available to help you estimate and plan for your retirement needs in the years to come.

Special Discounts — All ECO employees can take advantage of special discounts on cellular phone services, hotels and car rentals. Click the links below to learn about these special rates:

Code of Conduct

Click here to view the ECO Code of Conduct.

Workplace Harassment and Grievance Policy

Click here to view the ECO Workplace Harassment and Grievance Policy.

Social Media Policy

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Report Improper Activity or Violation of Policy/Procedure

Examples of violations include but are not limited to:

  • Thefts, Bribes or Kickbacks
  • Violation of Environmental Laws
  • Harassment or Discrimination
  • Information Security Violations
  • Fraudulent Transactions
  • Insider Threats
  • Violation of Health and Safety Laws
  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Improper Political Activity
  • Travel, Entertainment or Credit Card Abuse
  • Drugs, Alcohol or Weapons on Company Property

Click here to view information on the ECO Hotline.